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A mortgage may usually be for a 25-year period but it doesn’t have to be for life! We can review your mortgage arrangements to ensure that you never pay more than you need to. A remortgage is also a good way to free up funds to carry out home improvements, buy another property, or just make sure your mortgage is still the best for your current situation. Your Caenstone advisor will talk you through all the options available to you.

Our step by step guide on
how it all works

Contact your mortgage broker

We can start discussing your plans and mortgage options 6 months before your current deal expires.

Getting the wheels in motion early allows us to secure you the most suitable deal and also gives us enough time to review the market until your current deal expires.

Step 1
Find out how much you can borrow

Put bluntly, it depends on what you can afford.

That’s why we start with a review of your current finances and take into account any change to circumstances since you last took out a mortgage. We’ll also take into account any change to the value of your property and talk you through any associated costs of remortgaging.

Step 2
Apply for your mortgage

We will look at what deals your current lender is offering and compare with the rest of the market to make sure you’re getting the most suitable deal for you.

Once we’ve discussed all options and you’ve made a decision we can start the application process. We’ll let you know what documents you’ll need to get together.

Step 3
Get a valuation

As soon as you’ve found your perfect place, put in an offer and As part of the application process, the mortgage lender will carry out a new valuation of the property.

This may be in the form of a valuer visiting your property, or may take place on-line. Most lenders will cover the cost of this.

Step 4
Receive a mortgage offer

To help you find out what you could borrow, simply call one of It’s Once everything checks out, your lender will issue your formal mortgage offer.

This will be valid for 3-6 months.

Step 5
Legal work

If we’re changing lenders then there will be legal work to be carried out. Most lenders will cover the cost of this.

Step 6

Once we have the mortgage offer and legal work is ready, we can then set completion to coincide with your current mortgage deal expiring.

Step 7

Helping to find you the best
possible mortgage

We deal with hundreds of lenders offering the best mortgages on the market

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Commonly asked questions

Do I need to arrange a solicitor/conveyancer?

If you change lenders then there will be legal work that needs to be carried out in order to remove the legal charge of the existing lender and to register the new lender. Most lenders will either cover the cost of this if they appoint the solicitor or will offer you the option of selecting your own solicitor and they will give you cash back towards the cost.

Should I consolidate unsecured debt?

Most lenders allow you to consolidate unsecured debt such as credit cards, loans, etc. as part of your new mortgage, but it’s rarely the best thing to do. Firstly, you’re securing the debt against your property which could put your home at risk if things go wrong. Secondly, even if the interest rate on the mortgage is lower, you’re likely to end up paying more in the long run as you’ll be paying interest over a longer period of time.

What is ‘loan to value’ or LTV?

Loan to value (LTV) is the ratio of mortgage to property value expressed as a percentage. For example, if you purchase a property at £500k with a £50k deposit (10%), you will need a 90% LTV mortgage.

Typically the lower the LTV the better the rate of interest a lender will offer because a high LTV mortgage represents more of a risk to the lender. In terms of LTV, most mortgage rates fall within the 60% to 95% range.

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Expert advice and guidance is essential, and we lay out the whole process – step by step and jargon-free – in our complete mortgage guide for first time buyers.

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Anthony & Victoria
Amazing. Cannot recommend enough. Tom & Louise were fantastic advising and supporting every step of the way. Professional, informative extremely helpful.
Tom was very clear and helpful throughout. Explained options very well and kept us updated promptly.
Vincent Moffat
This is the second property purchase I have had the benefit of Tom Knee of Caenstones invaluable expertise with a property purchase, not to mention remortgaging. I can't recommend Tom enough and I hope to avail of his services again in the future. Its really important especially in a fast moving market like London to have someone you can trust and depend on to help you with your next step on the ladder! Onward and Upward!
Meg Stephenson
My broker at Caenstone is Tom, and I’ve had an all round great experience! I’m a first time solo buyer so needed a lot of support which I received tons of throughout the entire process. The communication from Tom was brilliant every step of the way and I felt very looked after. My case was a little complicated and finding the right lender wasn’t straight forward, but Tom pushed forward and found the best option for me. I’d highly recommend this firm, and Tom in particular.
Rebecca Parry
Absolutely brilliant! Tom was there every step of the way and got back to any and all queries immediately. We changed purchase properties part way through the process and had an MIP within the hour. Went above and beyond to help us, changed to better deals without asking and have recommended to family and friends.

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